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Broken Vows Excerpt



"Romantic Emotions" is an e-book with 25 short romance stories from various international writers, their bio's, writing tips, and a valuable reference guide for beginning writers. If you love to read contemporary, erotic, sweet, futuristic, time-travel, teenage/young adult or late romance stories, then this is the right romance e-book for you. 

If you like to write romance stories by yourself, this e-book is a great resource.

"Romantic Emotions" - a great e-book for both romance readers and romance writers.

Editor: Pia Hendriks
Publisher: Release, Netherlands
Publishing Date: June 23, 2002
Cover Design: Studio Release
Type: e-book
Format: self-extracting executable file
File Size: 629 kB
Number of Pages: 97
Compatibility: Windows
Price: $5.95 through PayPal, $6.95 through ClickBank


This short story is called Broken Vows and is by Angie Hanes.



The piercing ring of the small white telephone woke Nasira Sims from a dead sleep.  Groaning she reached for her cordless black phone. Glancing at the alarm clock that sat on the nightstand she realized it was nearly four am. 

                  Annoyed she yelled into the phone, What?

                  A familiar voice on the other end changed her mood some what Hey Baby, hope I didn't wake you. A muscular voice said on the other end.

                  Smiling, she sat up and fumbled for the light, Noah, do you know what time it is? she asked, though all the anger was gone from her tone.

                  There was a silence on the phone for a moment then he answered playfully, Time for me to make you my wife? His voice cracked nervously.

                  Its four am! She replied, knowing that wasn't the right answer. Seriously what's going on?

                  Noah took a deep breath, I wont be back home until Thursday.

                  She shook her head; this couldn't be happening, not today.   Panic rose in her chest Don't do this to me dammit.  You know that your family is planning a huge party after the wedding rehearsal.  I can not go threw the next few days alone.  There is so much to do. You don't even have your tux yet.

                   Its taken care of.  He quickly answered. Justin said he would pick it up and drop it off at the church.  I will be home in plenty of time to go to the rehearsal.  The only thing you need to worry about is making sure your on time for the wedding.

                  Nasira breathed a sigh of relief.

                  Noah's job as a journalist often kept him away from home. This month he was in New York, covering some sort of scandal there. 

                  Nasira and Noah had been together for three years.  She had been hounding him for the past two years to finally move in together, but he wouldn't relent on his position that they should wait till they were married.  It really bothered her that he wanted to live apart, but that all changed that wonderful day he finally proposed, making each argument worth it.  They agreed that they would move into his apartment until they could make time to house hunt.  Nasira had already given her notice for her place, and even though she loved it and regretted having to move out of it, she knew it was too small for the two of them.

                  Okay, I guess Ill talk to you again before Thursday.  I have to go pick up my dress today, and make sure the beauty parlour didn't forget about the appointments. She sighed, knowing she was planning the wedding by herself, and that Noah didn't even show the least bit of interest in any part of it.

                  I love you. Don't ever forget that Nas. he said.

                  Me too. She repeated, a little annoyed that he just through all the last minute details into her lap without so much as a sorry.

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