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Wow ! I was chosen to be the cherub star of the month of Dec. Thanks for this honour!

My Site Fight Friends












The Cherubs are the nicest bunch,

they always play with honesty

and are there for you in a crunch


The Cherubs are sweet as pie

helping each other out

as soon as you apply


Join them and you will see

how much fun can be had

please don't ignore my plea


I saw my mission and Iíll show you tonight

Iíve got a cool team, going to treat it right

There is nothing but fun to be had

With these great folks, Iíll never be sad Ė Cherubs is the word


The site fights is growing each day

With wicked cool web pages coming our way

Meet some new people, and make new friends

There is a surprise around every bend Ė Cherubs is the word


Cherubs is the word, the word that you heard

We have groove, and have meaning

Cherubs is the time, is the place, is the motion

Cherubs is the way we are feeling

Who has the most spirit?

Cherubs is the word.


One cheer is not enough
to show my cherub pride
I'll shout it out each day
and let them know I tried

To prove I love my team
and help promote my site
I'll cheer each and every day
Until I get it just right

So please help us out
and show you care
Take time to vote each day
time to breath some fresh air


Don't forget to shout it out!!








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