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 Angela's After Thoughts


Hello and welcome to my Webpage.  My name is

I enjoy writing fiction. I have been writing since I was little.  It is my passion, my hobby, my life.  You can read some of my stories on this site as well as get more information on publishing and the writing world.

I am a published e-book author and I invite you to join me in my conquest to make myself known. Click on the Romantic Emotions Icon below to get more info on purchasing the e-book.   



"Romantic Emotions" is an e-book with 25 short romance stories from various international writers, their bio's, writing tips, and a valuable reference guide for beginning writers. If you love to read contemporary, erotic, sweet, futuristic, time-travel, teenage/young adult or late romance stories, then this is the right romance e-book for you. 

If you like to write romance stories by yourself, this e-book is a great resource.

"Romantic Emotions" - a great e-book for both romance readers and romance writers.

Editor: Pia Hendriks
Publisher: Release, Netherlands
Publishing Date: June 23, 2002
Cover Design: Studio Release
Type: e-book
Format: self-extracting executable file
File Size: 629 kB
Number of Pages: 97
Compatibility: Windows
Price: $5.95 through PayPal, $6.95 through ClickBank



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Sunday December 08, 2002